To provided different languages support i18n lib is used. For feather reading please check it’s README.

Translation for Jennifer Models

You can use the Jennifer::Model::Base.human and Jennifer::Model::Base.human_attribute_name(attribute) to get translation for your model and attribute names. If there is no defined translation - it will be guessed by Inflector.humanize.

Model translation lookup

Firstly path jennifer.models.your_model_name will be checked. If there is no such - all ancestors will be iterated: jennifer.models.parent_model and feather. Otherwise - Inflector.humanize(i18n_key) will be invoked.

Also model name could be pluralized passing count as argument.

User.human(count: 2) # Customers

Attribute translation lookup

::human_attribute_name will use following lookup:

  • jennifer.attributes.[model_name].attributes.attribute_name
  • jennifer.attributes.[parent_model_name].attributes.attribute_name and so on for all ancestors
  • jennifer.attributes.attribute_name

Error message translation

Error messages of predefined validation helper macros are generated using Jennifer::Model::Errors#generate_message method and is retrieved from local files. Lets take a look how it will search blank error message:

  • jennifer.errors.[model_name].attributes.[attribute_name].blank
  • jennifer.errors.[model_name].[attribute_name].blank
  • jennifer.errors.[ancestor_model_name].attributes.[attribute_name].blank
  • jennifer.errors.[ancestor_model_name].[attribute_name].blank (this and previous one will be repeated for all ancestors)
  • jennifer.errors.[attribute_name].blank
  • jennifer.errors.messages.blank

Based on this you can specify specific message for any error.


Some message accepts arguments to pe inserted into translation. Here is full list of them:

Validation Message Interpolation
confirmation :confirmation attribute
length :too_long count
length :too_short count
length :wrong_length count
numericality :greater_than value
numericality :greater_than_or_equal_to value
numericality :equal_to value
numericality :less_than value
numericality :less_than_or_equal_to value
numericality :other_than value